Thursday, March 26, 2015

Some BIG but little News

In my last blog post, "Full of Life", I asked the Lord for an opportunity to get involved in more things in my community and boy did he make it happen. I have been so caught up in everything that's going on that I haven't been able to update everyone (mainly family) about what is going on in my life. I have a lot to share so bare with me, I'm excited to let all of you know what is happening and why I have been so busy!

Last week had a lot of firsts for me. On Monday, I interviewed for a JV softball assistant coaching position at Fuqua (the school I lead Young Life at) and I started only hours later as the first base coach! So far the girls have gone 3-0 in their regular season, for fear of jinxing anything I am stopping myself short. It's hard being superstitious. Second, on Tuesday I signed up for my senior year of classes. SENIOR YEAR. I am on track to graduate early and I am doing it! A lot of people ask me "why?!" like I'm crazy for wanting to leave college a whole year early. Well, you're probably right I am crazy and I might go crazy this summer while I am taking 4 classes to catch up a little, but it will cost me a lot less in the long run. Of course I don't want to leave, in fact I really love Longwood, why would I want to leave a school like this? (P.S. for those of you that are looking for potential places to call home after high school, I would love to show you around Longwood, just let me know). Third, I am in the process of re-branding, and making a brand new, prettier, portfolio and blog site!!! I AM SO EXCITED! Thankfully, I am in a class here at Longwood where I am working with web design and producing a new portfolio to keep everyone up to date and have a better way of showing potential employers what I have to offer. So, be looking out for that as well. I don't want to give you too many hints, it will just have to be a secret until it's all done and finished!

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